Thursday, September 27, 2007

STI All Time High: 3714.2 +64.1 at 2.30pm

STI has hit an all time high at 3714.2 +64.1 at 2.30pm.
Lets hope this rally sustains! Tis' can only be good for them property!

Could be a spillover effect from today's huge rosy picture painted by The Business Times today.

Like what one of my drinking buddies said: 'Singapore will never be the same again!'

Turquoise Launches Friday, 28th Sept @ 3PM

There you go folks, the Turquoise at Sentosa by Ho Bee Grp will be launching tomorrow at 3pm. There are murmurs of a pre-3pm preview, but you got to be in the right circles to have a go at that. hint: DTZ

Update: Be there at 10am, and approach any agent. I am sure they will be only too glad to serve you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scotts Square @ $4000psf

Image Source:

So the other half of Scotts Square (former Scotts Shopping Centre) by Wheelock Properties is going at $4000psf, and is available for booking through...special means. The Public Launch will be soon, which means you could save a buck or two and get a better unit through...ahem...special means.

1 Bedroom -600sf
2 Bedroom -900sf
3 Bedroom -1200sf

To be Priced around $4000psf

Property Picking Up Speed; Hillcrest Villas Sold Out??

"Over in the Dunearn Road location, MCL Land has sold off all but the showflat of its 163-unit cluster terrace housing development, Hillcrest Villas, in two weeks. The average price achieved for the 99-year leasehold development was around $870 psf of strata area." - The Business Times, Sept 25, 2007

Right....and so we now know there is just one slot left for Raffles Girls Primary School...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Launch Leak; Hillcrest Villas Sells, Well Before Shop Opens


And so my friendly DTZ agent tells me that a third of Hillcrest Villas, the latest Breakthrough in Nanotechnology, has sold well before its Public Preview. Seems like this points where the market is going, especially for a project that hails from the realm of oh-not-so-popular Cluster Landed (99yr LH).

Economy and speculation aside, can someone please tell me how this 'Preview' thing works?

Select VIP Preview, Developer Staff Preview, Developer VIP Preview, Developer Shareholders Preview, Developer Preview, VIP Preview, Private Preview, Closed-Door Preview, Public Preview, Preview, VIP Launch, Pre-Launch, Soft-Launch, Launch and finally Open-House?

I'm pretty sure some top agent out there is probably reading this laughing at me for getting the simple order wrong though.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Horizon Towers: Lawsuit Still Hanging, New Sales Committee Sworn In

Source: The Business Times, Sept 21 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel perhaps? While a step in the right direction after 135 units voted in favor of pushing back the collective sale deadline to Dec 11, it is a long way from resolution with 42 units abstaining from last night's meeting.

Anyhow this has proved one thing: Pep talks sometimes work, and is especially favourable if you are backed by a gazillion dollars and a looming multimillion dollar lawsuit. Now put away the cane and go rethink your strategy to get your kids to study for the upcoming PSLE.

Coming Soon (Sept)

Source: The Business Times

Well the chart speaks for itself. Though I heard from a friend last month that the Hilltops by SC Global has been making a soft launch already even during the inauspicious Hungry Ghost Festival. Getting the sub-prime saga jitters eh SC Global?

Oh, and in a case of self-gratification it seems that my post about the Turquiose going for $2500psf was true. Snaps for me!

Source: The Business Times

In the related article by the Business Times, you got to be pretty daft not to figure out by now that the top is saturated and developers will be going after the mass market. Smaller cheaper condos will now be seen mushrooming out in the spillover areas. Something that India is going through now (correct me if i am wrong!).

Time to go shopping.

Punggol 21, the Next Pasir Ris?


Well don't say I dis you HDB folks. Personally while I prefer to get my hands dirty in private property, some of these new HDB flats give some new projects that I have seen a run for their money.

The Coral Spring is the latest Built-To-Order flats in Sengkang and runs along Sengkang West Avenue and Fernvale Road. It is served by Fernvale LRT station and bus services. Judging from the artist impression, it sure doesn't look too shabby, though i might want to add that driving from Sengkang all the way to town doesn't sound the least bit appealing - but wait, you got your LRT for that!

Hope all the Gahmen has promised works out. A waterfront HDB estate is what them working class needs, albeit slightly closer to town please.

Ong Beng Seng Smokes Peace Pipe; Horizon Tower Owners Get Pep Talk

Source: The Business Times

Well surprise surprise, one of Singapore's most respected hoteliers have passed around the peace pipe to Horizon Tower Owners.

The response would be fragmented at best judging from any of my (or even your) prior experiences with en-bloc. Add to that, most of the owner's staying there are likely you-know-who's and might take abit of getting used to receiving pep talks from another you-know-who.

As always, respect to the man.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cascadia? Finally some news?

Source: Straits Times

Bukit Timah (D21) has been long slated to be the next 'spillover' area from escalating property prices along with Meyer Rd (D15).

However what the D15 area has achieved recently has only made its luscious green and hilly counterpart turn only more green in envy.

Projects that have been lined up to launch in D21 have been 'delayed' forever. Leaving agents red faced when clients demand they make good on their 'launching this weekend' promises. These projects are: Jardin, Cascadia, Hillcrest, Floridian and unnamed projects along Shelford Rd and Balmoral.

However the latest development was spotted in a one-liner in the Straits Times to conclude the article on a $2.02b bid on a prime site at Marina: "MGPA has been on an active buying spree here. In March, it agreed to buy Temasek Tower from CapitaLand for $1.04 billion. Last month , it also bought 162 units of Allgreen Properties' Cascadia condominium in Bukit Timah for a median price of $1,527 psf, sources said".

Well there you go folks. Finally after all the hush hush from Knight Frank, the exclusive marketing agent, we know whats going on - the cream of Cascadia is probably being made available for tenancy before brochures are even printed.

Now sit back and watch the Maplewoods, Sterling, Blossomvale and gang skyrocket.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh it's That Time of the Year Again...

Source: The Business Times
It's been pretty quiet around here lately, especially with that time of the year here again. Some agents I speak to tell me that calls slow down to a trickle. Some even whoop in joy if there is even a response from an ad during this inauspicious month for the local chinese.

Well in conclusion to the figures that The Business Times failed to point out: Speculators and very rich people are one superstitious lot.
Now that it's all over, let the games begin again!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Advance in Nanotechnology Reaches New High; Property Developers Dig New Low

Source: Prophunter

Introducing the Hillcrest Villas (D21): 163 cluster terraces in 256, 486 sqft of land.

Don't be fooled by the seemingly decent landsize. By guesstimation, Condos on plots that size have roughly 20-30 stacks at most and this? A massive 163 stacks packed into a medium-sized parcel of land. Reminds me of the never ending cascades of UDMC Chalets at East Coast Parkway.

Well, one man's meat is another man's poison...furthermore it's only a whisper away from Raffles Girl's Primary School - a prime breeding ground for capable future CEOlettes who might decide not to pack 163 cluster terraces in 256,486 sqft of land.

Thanks Prophunter for your contribution.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

'Park Your Own Boat' Strikes Back

By now every agent you knew since you were a kid is probably e-mailing you these super secret site/floorplans of the Turqouise located on Sentosa Island that have 'changes are expected' plastered all over within.

If you aren't part of the inner circle, well you came to the right place. Download the siteplans here for no cost - or any of those 'puhhhleazzeee call me and I will get you first in queue'.
Floorplans and Siteplans aside, I simply love the concept of 'park your own boat'...although I certainly bet those nice boats berthed along the Condo are just for aesthetics. Rumoured to start at a 'comfortable' level of $2500psf

p.s. Yeah i have the floorplans too, but there are far too many floorplans. You can try begging...or trade with me at least one complete set of site/floorplans of another project. I don't care which. i'm just an obsessive compulsive floor/siteplan collector.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mandarin Gardens Waltzes to Enbloc Tune

So I have this friend who has a 'couple' of units in Mandarin Gardens and he's been telling me about en-bloc letters finally circulating within.

1000 units and over 1 million sqft of 99yr LH land area on a super-prime spot with full seaview and a shortwalk from some of the best seafood in Singapore. Debacle guaranteed.

Own a Piece of Regal Estate

King's 8. An absolutely lovely address! Enter by King's Rd and Exit by Queen's Rd!

Checked out the showroom and it was so-so at a not so so-so price. Eight 3-storey cluster houses jam packed into a small area behind Crown Centre. A nice distraction for the filthy rich or Chinese PR's who badly want their kids to be enrolled in Nanyang Primary School.