Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well its been a while since i posted, i have been busy keeping the hounding banks at bay....well anywayI visited Alexis at Alexandra, a new launch.

Not a bad development at all although the units sizes are extremely small. that was a big turnoff for me! I managed to get hold of the brochure, which was in limited supply. Let me know if you need it, I can share it with you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Marina Bay Suites (edited!) Leaked!

Been quiet lately, but I am back with a treat - Floorplans and Siteplan of the Marina Bay Suites

This will likely turn One Shenton's already limited view of the IR into a Super limited view!

Edited: Thanks Pinkcow and the boys from Skyscraper for pointing out my mistake, its Marina Bay Suites, not residences!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DBSS: Market Eats it Up and Asks for More!

Seems like the market is taking to the DBSS scheme. The turnout for the CityView@BoonKeng was incredible according to reports all over the internet. There were over 8000 visitors in just a few days and the prices for the units are up to $730k for the 40 storey units.

Heres a word of warning: while the market is lapping it all up and asking for seconds, this might only be seasonal as these might be enblocced citizens using their childrens name to buy a cheap home - resale a few years down the road might be difficult in a cold property market.

I can't say that Cityview@boonkeng is a bad location though. real close to the new mixed development at beach road.

Expats: Year of the Homeless/Officeless

Source: Business Times, 8/1/2008

I feel for them expats. Suddenly their rents shot up overnight by 106%. That little picture up there speaks a thousand words. It's the quickest move up the board even putting Russia Moscow to shame.

Still, we are 2 times cheaper compared to Hongkong. We still have a long way to go...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007's Hottest Stuff

Based upon Google Analytics, here are the hottest googled words for Singapore Property Leak in 2007:

There you go people, Mass Market projects (Park Natura) wins hands down again. Blah...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Singapore Flyer: National Discoball

Oh yes Mister Minister, the multi-colors represent a creative multi-racial society.
Image Source
: Straits Times

Theoratically if we spin fast enough it will be white.
Image Source: Skyscrapercity, ^tamago^

For the people behind the Singapore Flyer who are wondering 'where the hell did it go wrong?', please don't knockoff at 5pm as usual. Stay till the sun is out and take a good bloody look at that hideous discoball of epic proportions!

I shrink at the thought of my foreign friends giving me the look should we drive pass it.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas! With a Sick Twist...

Apologies for the lull in posts, have been away on my much needed R&R.

Came home, flipped through the papers and spotted gruesome stuff that will be met with the most displeasure by the owners of Viz@Holland. Here is the online version:

"A yet-to-be-identified body of a woman was found at a construction site along Queensway on Sunday. It was found at around 10.45am by a worker on the third storey of a block at the District 10 condominium development called Viz@Holland." - Channelnewsasia

While my heart goes out to the deseased, I am pretty sure this could be devestating to the owners of the Viz@Holland. I hope the culprit is caught and dealt with swiftly.

My questions are:

  • Will the contractor (Sim Lian) even be upfront with the owner of that particular unit or will the whole Condo be condemned (sorry if it sounds a little harsh)?

  • Will the owner be compensated, after all it was under the contractors charge that this happened?
While worksite accidents are not uncommon, this opens up a large can of worms on worksite accidents and the rare brutality. oh, and this condo is surely going into my Little Black Book.