Friday, September 21, 2007

Horizon Towers: Lawsuit Still Hanging, New Sales Committee Sworn In

Source: The Business Times, Sept 21 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel perhaps? While a step in the right direction after 135 units voted in favor of pushing back the collective sale deadline to Dec 11, it is a long way from resolution with 42 units abstaining from last night's meeting.

Anyhow this has proved one thing: Pep talks sometimes work, and is especially favourable if you are backed by a gazillion dollars and a looming multimillion dollar lawsuit. Now put away the cane and go rethink your strategy to get your kids to study for the upcoming PSLE.

Coming Soon (Sept)

Source: The Business Times

Well the chart speaks for itself. Though I heard from a friend last month that the Hilltops by SC Global has been making a soft launch already even during the inauspicious Hungry Ghost Festival. Getting the sub-prime saga jitters eh SC Global?

Oh, and in a case of self-gratification it seems that my post about the Turquiose going for $2500psf was true. Snaps for me!

Source: The Business Times

In the related article by the Business Times, you got to be pretty daft not to figure out by now that the top is saturated and developers will be going after the mass market. Smaller cheaper condos will now be seen mushrooming out in the spillover areas. Something that India is going through now (correct me if i am wrong!).

Time to go shopping.

Punggol 21, the Next Pasir Ris?


Well don't say I dis you HDB folks. Personally while I prefer to get my hands dirty in private property, some of these new HDB flats give some new projects that I have seen a run for their money.

The Coral Spring is the latest Built-To-Order flats in Sengkang and runs along Sengkang West Avenue and Fernvale Road. It is served by Fernvale LRT station and bus services. Judging from the artist impression, it sure doesn't look too shabby, though i might want to add that driving from Sengkang all the way to town doesn't sound the least bit appealing - but wait, you got your LRT for that!

Hope all the Gahmen has promised works out. A waterfront HDB estate is what them working class needs, albeit slightly closer to town please.

Ong Beng Seng Smokes Peace Pipe; Horizon Tower Owners Get Pep Talk

Source: The Business Times

Well surprise surprise, one of Singapore's most respected hoteliers have passed around the peace pipe to Horizon Tower Owners.

The response would be fragmented at best judging from any of my (or even your) prior experiences with en-bloc. Add to that, most of the owner's staying there are likely you-know-who's and might take abit of getting used to receiving pep talks from another you-know-who.

As always, respect to the man.