Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grange Infinite Launches, Odd-Shaped Furniture Prices Skyrocket

The latest Scoop: The 36 Storey Grange Infinite (Known as the En-blocced Grange Towers) will be launching soon. While this will be embraced by those who can't stand being more then 2 minutes away from Takashimaya, there will be lots of demand for odd-shaped furniture.

One of my sources, allowed me to take a peek at the floorplans and behold: Not ONE bedroom in all 68 units is evenly shaped! Every bedroom had at least one odd angled wall. While I understand there isn't much land involved in this project, there is simply no excuse for not having at least one even-shaped bedroom.

Or maybe...I'm just getting Old-Fashioned. Or Old? Am I?

Tsk. Hope the Subject to Changes clause is for real this time!