Friday, November 30, 2007

Floridian: Update

Just got an update on the Floridian @ bukit timah and here are my thoughts.

A couple of stacks actually overlook the Good Class Bungalow (GCB) area in Bukit Timah, effectively removing the view that the Nexus currently enjoys. Somehow its a blessing to be behind this time! A long cascading pool runs through the estate and apparently one stack located at the end will enjoy the full view.

I always liked that area behind Bukit Timah Rd, it basically consists of really really huge houses and a nice large open field. Expect lots of greenery and a beautiful glow at night. If you are in the area, drive down Old Holland Road, and you might get what I mean. Now imagine that with a 10 storey view from the Floridian.

Price wise, I can't say that it is exactly a bargain, but it is merely following market prices from Cascadia's sale of an entire block earlier at ~$1500psf to a large investor (with mass discounts of course). Resale units of next door 10-year old Maplewoods was asking for $1350psf last time I checked, so this justifies the Floridian's pricing of ~$1680psf.

Floorplan wise, there are apparently large 4 rooms at 1800sf, rare in these days, as well as large 3+1 rooms. Oh, and for those MGS alumni, the school is just beside the condo.