Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jardin Officially Launches; Floridian, Cascadia Updates

Yeah the Jardin finally 'launched' with prices for the 3rd level lofts going for only $2000psf. Even areas such as Balmoral which is so much closer to town don't fetch that amount. Seriously what is Far East Organisation thinking? Just add $300-500psf above reasonable prices because you have built over 700 developments and received multiple awards no one bothers about?

I really feel bad for people who buy FEO's overpriced units...although they do have a couple of rare bargains.

Also, heard from some reliable sources that Cascadia and Floridian that is just across the road will be holding out for next year. Late 1st Q at least. Maybe by then prices would have gained momentum again and I will be forced to eat my rant above regarding Jardin.