Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Great Rochester Sellout

Image Source: Prophunter

The Rochester (renamed from One Rochester, because it technically doesn't sit on One Rochester) has been one hotly anticipated project. Only the second new residence in the area to spearhead the One North Project, it has drawn strong interest with its mixed development concept and proximity to an MRT, Holland Village and Singapore's next infocomm hub.

Finally it was launched, only to dissapoint many. In fact industry insiders told me how most of it was sold through the developer to its own staff, shareholders and select VIP. The public never had a chance.

A friend of mine was cussing under his breathe and hoping for 'those damned inside flippers' to get burnt. I didn't know why he was so unhappy, his One North Residence must have somewhat appreciated thanks to the $1300-1600psf bump from The Rochester i'm sure.

Update: August 7th, been seeing some of them One Rochester units on for sale at some pretty desperate prices. Getting burnt eh?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Samsung Coming to Town?

Hear ye! Hear ye!

From the deep dark depths of dirty deals and the gritty grapevine, there has been murmurs of Samsung being involved in a massive project in Singapore. Over 2000 engineers & their peons will be coming to town, family in tow.

While the total number sounds abit over the top, if it is true, 2000 units will be needed for rent or purchase. (Update: even Ong Beng Seng's recent purchase of an entire block of Costa Del Sol wouldn't put a dent in the demand!)

Watch rental accelerate like them F1 race cars and don't say i didn't tell you Koreans generally like seaview and self-sufficient full facility condos.

Thank you Koreanwoman for the tip-off

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Launching this weekend. Really. Promise. Guaranteed.

Well heres a post in tribute of The Jardin by Fareast Organization.

Again my agent from Knight Frank called me to tell me how the amazing Jardin will be launching this weekend, and would like to have my blank cheque.

My response?


Yes I have been watching The Jardin grow from whispers to now Universal Public Secret No.1. It's a really nice project (albeit surrounded by Garden Vista, King Albert Park and a Flyover) with modern designs and some green lungs at your doorstep.

But till now its the same every week.