Saturday, October 6, 2007

Horizon Towers: With Blessings (UPDATED)

Source: The Straits Times

Well something blipped under my radar when I was mindlessly surfing in one of Singapore's most visited forums. Apparently a highly controversial Pastor of a Mega-Church has 5 (now 13 see below) units in Horizon Towers. This was allegedly revealed in a local chinese evening paper.

If this is true, perhaps a 'Let the En-Bloc process for Horizon Towers be smooth sailing' prayer could be slipped in during one of those mass prayers.

Update 6th Oct: It has been confirmed in the Weekend Issue of Today newspaper that, Sun Ho and her Pastor Husband owns at least one unit of Horizon Towers.

Update 8th Oct: Finally found the link! Sun Ho and her Pastor Husband Owns 13 units in Horizon Towers!!! (What's a Pastor doing with so many units!? One for each disciple and one for him???)