Thursday, November 1, 2007

Property Resource Review #1: HDB + Do it yourself

Okay, I submit to all your endless e-mail requests to share good online resources for property - in the form of mini-reviews as and when I find the time to do them.


Dear Realgossip,
I was hoping to find online websites on how to sell my HDB flat without an agent. Can you recommend me some links? Rgds, Tan XX XXXXX Hougang


Dear Tan,

Get an agent. HDB do-it-yourself is a no-no. I have seen my nephew's Option to Purchase for a HDB flat. It is 10 pages long (private is 3 max!) and I couldn't figure out half of it although I have seen private options of everykind.

If you insist on selling it on your own. I have seen only two resources.

Review: Straight forward, but little nitty gritties on where to get certain forms are not included and its all these little things that are most daunting. A definite must read for those who are doing it yourselves.

To find this page and understand all its resources, you have to dig through a giant pile of links which could have been just compiled on one page. Could have been better explained in layman's.

Ease of Use: **/*****
Helpfulness: ****/*****
Credibility: *****/*****

Review: Commercial and straightforward. Basically you do the marketing, viewing, negotiating (all the hard parts!) and they just tell you what to do - which is good, and bad. Because if anything screws up it's mostly yourself to blame.

This website also seems to be siphoning off every possible thing they can suck from you, from bankloans to just frikkin registering on the website. Aesthetics could have been more attractive and professional, looks like a 13 year old kid did it for them.

Ease of Use: ***/*****
Helpfulness: ****/*****
Credibility: **/*****