Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas! With a Sick Twist...

Apologies for the lull in posts, have been away on my much needed R&R.

Came home, flipped through the papers and spotted gruesome stuff that will be met with the most displeasure by the owners of Viz@Holland. Here is the online version:

"A yet-to-be-identified body of a woman was found at a construction site along Queensway on Sunday. It was found at around 10.45am by a worker on the third storey of a block at the District 10 condominium development called Viz@Holland." - Channelnewsasia

While my heart goes out to the deseased, I am pretty sure this could be devestating to the owners of the Viz@Holland. I hope the culprit is caught and dealt with swiftly.

My questions are:

  • Will the contractor (Sim Lian) even be upfront with the owner of that particular unit or will the whole Condo be condemned (sorry if it sounds a little harsh)?

  • Will the owner be compensated, after all it was under the contractors charge that this happened?
While worksite accidents are not uncommon, this opens up a large can of worms on worksite accidents and the rare brutality. oh, and this condo is surely going into my Little Black Book.