Wednesday, September 12, 2007

'Park Your Own Boat' Strikes Back

By now every agent you knew since you were a kid is probably e-mailing you these super secret site/floorplans of the Turqouise located on Sentosa Island that have 'changes are expected' plastered all over within.

If you aren't part of the inner circle, well you came to the right place. Download the siteplans here for no cost - or any of those 'puhhhleazzeee call me and I will get you first in queue'.
Floorplans and Siteplans aside, I simply love the concept of 'park your own boat'...although I certainly bet those nice boats berthed along the Condo are just for aesthetics. Rumoured to start at a 'comfortable' level of $2500psf

p.s. Yeah i have the floorplans too, but there are far too many floorplans. You can try begging...or trade with me at least one complete set of site/floorplans of another project. I don't care which. i'm just an obsessive compulsive floor/siteplan collector.