Monday, September 24, 2007

Launch Leak; Hillcrest Villas Sells, Well Before Shop Opens


And so my friendly DTZ agent tells me that a third of Hillcrest Villas, the latest Breakthrough in Nanotechnology, has sold well before its Public Preview. Seems like this points where the market is going, especially for a project that hails from the realm of oh-not-so-popular Cluster Landed (99yr LH).

Economy and speculation aside, can someone please tell me how this 'Preview' thing works?

Select VIP Preview, Developer Staff Preview, Developer VIP Preview, Developer Shareholders Preview, Developer Preview, VIP Preview, Private Preview, Closed-Door Preview, Public Preview, Preview, VIP Launch, Pre-Launch, Soft-Launch, Launch and finally Open-House?

I'm pretty sure some top agent out there is probably reading this laughing at me for getting the simple order wrong though.