Thursday, October 11, 2007

Far East Organization: 3% Cashback?

Well Far East Organization is on my radar once again. Apparently after discounting Hillview Regency heavily for a week, they are applying the same tactics on another recently completed mass market project: Lakeshore (beside Lakeshore MRT).

After purchasers buy the unit, they will refund in cash a total of 3% - equivalent to the amount paid for stamp fees. While i'm not sure if this is agianst any agreement or policy, all I can say is go homebuyers go!

Another Obsession With 'Eight': 8 Nassim Hill

Thursday is the best day to have Kopi with my Agent (treat them well and they literally be your eyes and ears!). It always seems like every thursday there's something new and this week's pick is yet another project with 'Eight' obsession: 8 Nassim Hill.

Judging from its location, it sure won't be friendly to those without $9m to spare (Guestimating 3000psf x 3000sf).