Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gahmen: No Capital Gains Tax

Finally found this newspaper cutting. Thought I threw it away earlier. Well this is pretty much a big relief for everyone now. Like I said: Capital Gains Tax is the nail in the coffin. So for the moment, all's clear!

Hillvista Prices Leaked

Only $1050psf to $1150psf for West Side Mass Market Living at Hillvista. Ugh.

Seriously what are the Fareast guys thinking? No one is going to pay those prices for something so deep in...but I have been wrong before!


  • 2rm 915-1055sf (~1.21m)
  • 2+1rm 990-1087sf (~1.25m)
  • 3rm 1130sf-1238sf (~1.42m)
  • 3+1rm 1184-1292sf (~1.48m)
  • 4br 1292-1324sf (~1.52m)
FYI, $1.5m can get you a large, full seaview, high level unit along East Coast.