Thursday, September 27, 2007

STI All Time High: 3714.2 +64.1 at 2.30pm

STI has hit an all time high at 3714.2 +64.1 at 2.30pm.
Lets hope this rally sustains! Tis' can only be good for them property!

Could be a spillover effect from today's huge rosy picture painted by The Business Times today.

Like what one of my drinking buddies said: 'Singapore will never be the same again!'

Turquoise Launches Friday, 28th Sept @ 3PM

There you go folks, the Turquoise at Sentosa by Ho Bee Grp will be launching tomorrow at 3pm. There are murmurs of a pre-3pm preview, but you got to be in the right circles to have a go at that. hint: DTZ

Update: Be there at 10am, and approach any agent. I am sure they will be only too glad to serve you.