Monday, October 1, 2007

Global Warming; Sentosa Residents Sell Property for Loss, then Flee in Terror

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Well here's a cute little quote regarding the Turquoise at Sentosa from a forum that I often visit:

"What are the allowances for unusually high tides? Imagine seawater pouring into the swimming pool --- it only has to happen once, everyone will start screaming about global warming, and the values of all these places will sink like a stone in a rising ocean..." about spooked investors...Oh...and Al Gore for President!

Bull on Redbull


The STI has outdone itself again with another all time record high. That with the Integrated Resorts, One Degree 15 (ala Big Boy's Boat Club off Sentosa) and F1 Racing will only add more octane into the already highly charged atmosphere...

The index closed 48.99 points higher at 3,755.22, erasing the previous mark of 3,714.77 set only last week, Thursday.

Me wonders if my kids will ever be able to afford a place for themselves on this soon-to-be rich man's island.

New Project Behind Shangri-La Launching?

Image Source: Shangri-La Singapore

Well that plot of land behind the ancient Shangri-La is finally being launched next week. What was once known as the Green Anderson

While not everyone can boast a Hotel Pool View(hopefully!), a visit to the Shangri-La not so long ago sure hinted that the entire place may all soon go...for better or worse.

Here are some details that my Super Secret Source has informed me with:

10 Storeys
Around 34 units
3 and 4 bedrooms 2000-2200 Square Feet

Starts at $2800psf ~ anyone got $5.6m to spare?