Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Market Update: Sui Generis & Amber Residences

Apparently 60% of Amber Residences have been sold despite the end-year market slow down. Most of the buyers are local and these units were sold during a private preview on 18 November at an average price of $1650psf with some high floor unit being sold for more than $1800psf.

Now thats quite a change, previously I heard that some units had list prices of $2000psf+. $1800 is still pretty reasonable considering that some Condos that are about to go TOP in the area such as the Belvedere are commanding $1450-1750psf.

Speaking of which, the Belvedere is a pretty decent project. Take note that it lies on a slim strip of land, with a park on its right side. Most of its units have a seaview, but the best stacks are actually 1, 2 and 3 - with stack 2 and 3 being the only units with a bedroom seaview. The rest of the stacks might have issues with its view in future as it faces the Marina Bay area.

In other news, 16 of 23 units released at the 40-unit Sui Generis were sold through road shows in Indonesia and Hong Kong in the past two months with almost all buyers being foreigners. Prices were from $2300-$2580 psf.

Well thats a pretty good price for the Balmoral area. Take note that this is in the district 9 area.