Thursday, January 17, 2008

Marina Bay Suites (edited!) Leaked!

Been quiet lately, but I am back with a treat - Floorplans and Siteplan of the Marina Bay Suites

This will likely turn One Shenton's already limited view of the IR into a Super limited view!

Edited: Thanks Pinkcow and the boys from Skyscraper for pointing out my mistake, its Marina Bay Suites, not residences!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DBSS: Market Eats it Up and Asks for More!

Seems like the market is taking to the DBSS scheme. The turnout for the CityView@BoonKeng was incredible according to reports all over the internet. There were over 8000 visitors in just a few days and the prices for the units are up to $730k for the 40 storey units.

Heres a word of warning: while the market is lapping it all up and asking for seconds, this might only be seasonal as these might be enblocced citizens using their childrens name to buy a cheap home - resale a few years down the road might be difficult in a cold property market.

I can't say that Cityview@boonkeng is a bad location though. real close to the new mixed development at beach road.

Expats: Year of the Homeless/Officeless

Source: Business Times, 8/1/2008

I feel for them expats. Suddenly their rents shot up overnight by 106%. That little picture up there speaks a thousand words. It's the quickest move up the board even putting Russia Moscow to shame.

Still, we are 2 times cheaper compared to Hongkong. We still have a long way to go...